Nude, 2018


print size: 25 x 58 cm

paper size: 35 x 73 cm



Ex Libris Dr Sotiria Fotopoulou, 2016


diameter: 13 cm

This Ex Libris is made for Astrophysicist Dr. Sotiria Fotopoulou. It depicts a woman observing the Cosmos through a giant telescope, a key element to highlight the field of her research: The study of Galaxies and their evolution. I used many types of galaxies and a round shape for the icon to point to the sphericity of celestial bodies.

2017 exlibris sf

2017 exlibris sf-

  • Exhibited in 21st International Ex Libris Exhibition.

22/04/17 – 03/09/17  in Stedelijke Musea Sint-Niklaas Internationaal Ex libris Centrum.

Sint Niklaas, Belgium.